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Below is a sampling of what some previous Engineering Physics undergraduates have been up to since graduation:


John Melas Kyriazi (Materials Science specialty; Graduated 2011)


John Melas Kyriazi.jpg


John enjoys working with entrepreneurs who deploy first principles and the latest advancements in science and technology to solve complex, fundamental problems around sustainability and meritocracy. Specifically, John is looking for early stage ventures that are building software platforms, online networks and distributed systems that provide more people better access to capital, education, healthcare and opportunity.  Prior to joining Spark Capital in 2014, John was the Chief Financial Officer and Head of Business Development at StartX, a startup accelerator, and co-founded the Stanford-StartX Fund, an investment vehicle funded by Stanford University and Stanford Hospital.


Chris Young (Energy Systems specialty; Graduated 2010)



Chris Young is finishing his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford. While he now spends his time researching plasma, which can be used for space propulsion, fusion energy, and computer chips, Young spent six years as the musical improviser of the Stanford Improvisers (SImps).


Seth Winger (Electromechanical System Design specialty; Graduated 2011)



Seth is currently a hardware engineer working on solar panel manufacturing at Silevo, the manufacturing wing of SolarCity. He keeps the manufacturing line equipment running smoothly and develops new tools for building novel solar panel designs. At Stanford, Seth majored — of course — in Engineering Physics and then cotermed in mechanical engineering, focusing on mechatronics in the ME 218 series. He is interested in alternative energy, electric vehicles, space, presidents, writing about science, writing about anything else, college football, Oxford commas, and amassing enough practical engineering knowledge to build Voltron.


Molly O’Connor (Computation Sciences specialty; Graduated 2015)



Molly graduated in June 2015 with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics, Computational Science track, from Stanford University. Her primary interests are in optics, space exploration, astronomy, astrophysics, and cosmology.  She spent the last two years doing research with the LSST group at SLAC and Stanford, working primarily on CCD characterization but doing additional work on Monte Carlo simulations for the camera’s UHV cryostat and testing prototypes for the camera’s support structure.


Thomas Mclaughlin (Computational Sciences specialty; Graduated 2011)



After finishing his bachelors Thomas got a masters in computer science in 2013.  He is currently working as a software engineer at Dropbox.


Jamie Ray (Materials Science specialty; Graduated 2013)



Jamie was the Financial Officer for EPIC 2012-2013. He finished his EPhys B.S. in 2013 and a coterm in EE in 2014. He did internships at Fermilab and Skybox Imaging, then worked at several startups after graduation before joining Facebook, where he’s part of the Applied Computer Vision team.


Matisse Milovich (Graduated 2014)


Matisse currently works as a sensors exploitation engineer at Sandia National Laboratories.


Edward Trigg (Graduated 2009)


Edward is pursuing a PhD in the Karen I. Winey Group in the Materials Science and Engineering department at the University of Pennsylvania. He is investigating the morphology and conductivity of precise polyethylene-based copolymers. He has published papers in ACS Nano and ACS Macro Letters.


Peter Bullen (Photonics specialty; Graduated 2009)



Peter is an optical engineer especially interested in laser design and holography. He has a strong physics, electrical, and mechanical engineering background supplemented by several years of teaching experience.  He conducts research on the electro-optical properties of lithium niobate and designed a thin-film quasi-phase matched optical waveguide device. He improved cleaning procedures and optimized the photolithography process for periodically poled lithium niobate.


Elliott Star (Electromechanical Systems Design specialty; Graduated 2011)


Elliott graduated from the Masters program in Mechanical Engineering: Robotics at Stanford University in 2012, and has been working in tech ever since. First on UCS and virtual switches for Cisco, then on the Data Science/Analytics team at Yammer, to the Science team at Twitch, and now to the Data Science Team at Metromile. He has also had numerous internships working in the technology field including as a software engineering intern at Tesla Motors, and as a program manager at Microsoft’s Office division.

Outside of work, Elliott is very interested in national security, medicine and medical practice, and the economy. He also plays competitive sand volleyball in his spare time.


Matthew Norcia (Electromechanical System Design specialty; Graduated 2011)



Matthew is now a PhD candidate in physics in the Thompson Group at CU boulder, working on experimental atomic, molecular, and optical physics (AMO).  He has published papers in Applied Physics Letters and Nature Photonics.


Andrew Bleich (Electromechanical System Design specialty; Graduated 2014)



Andrew just graduated with his M.S. in Mechanical Engineering (Mechatronics) through Stanford’s ME218 series. There he learned about integrating mechanical, electrical, and software engineering. He will continue to build “smart products” as a Test Hardware Engineer for eero, a WiFi system company in San Francisco.


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