Q.  Who can I contact to learn more about the Engineering Physics program?
A. Darlene Lazar (dlazar@stanford.edu) is the Student Services Officer.  Mechanical Engineering Professor Mark Cappelli (cap@stanford.edu) is the Program Director.  Physics Professor Patricia Burchat (burchat@stanford.edu) is the Physics Liaison.  All three are eager to help you resolve any questions about the major. Prof. Cappelli and Prof. Burchat provide pre-major advising.

Q.  Can I count courses for both an Engineering Fundamental and a depth requirement?
A.  Yes!  For example, ENGR 40 can be used to satisfy both the Electronics Laboratory requirement and one Engineering Fundamental;  ENGR 15 can be used to satisfy both the Intermediate Mechanics requirement and one Engineering Fundamental.

Q.  What is the minimum number of Engineering Units that I must have in Engineering Fundamentals, Required Depth Classes and Required Depth Electives?
A.  The minimum number was reduced from 50 to 45 units in March 2011.  The new minimum was effective immediately for all Engineering Physics majors.

Q.  Can I count my Technology and Society course toward the 45-unit requirement for Engineering units, if the course is in the School of Engineering?
A.  No.  (This is a policy of the School of Engineering, not Engineering Physics.)

Q.  How do I find support for summer research at Stanford?
A.  Engineering Physics majors can apply for support to pursue summer research through the VPUE programs in Engineering or in Physics.  Engineering Physics majors who wish to pursue summer research with an Engineering faculty member should approach the faculty member directly to apply through the Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program in the School of Engineering. Engineering Physics majors who wish to pursue research with a faculty member in Physics, Applied Physics or SLAC should apply through the Physics / Applied Physics / SLAC Summer Research Program:http://www.stanford.edu/dept/physics/academics/summer/SummerResearch.htm

Q. Is there an honors program in Engineering Physics?
A. Yes.  The basic requirements are a minimum GPA of 3.5 and an honors thesis.  See the ‘Minors and Honors Programs’ section of the UG Engineering Handbook for details.

Q.  When I graduate, which ceremony do I attend?
A. Engineering Physics majors attend the Departmental diploma ceremony hosted by the Applied Physics and Physics Department (after the commencement ceremony in the stadium).  Contact Darlene Lazar (dlazar@stanford.edu) and Elva Carbajal (elva@stanford.edu) for details.
Q.  When was the Engineering Physics major introduced?
A.  The major was introduced in the 2006/2007 academic year.

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