Renewable Energy

In the Renewable Energy specialty, students explore energy conversion and storage technologies that are relevant in renewable energy systems, such as solar cells, wind turbines, batteries, fuel cells, and hydrogen production and storage.


Pre-approved courses (choose 3):

  • EE 237: Solar Energy Conversion [S]
  • EE 293B:¬†Fundamentals of Energy Processes [W]
  • MATSCI 156/EE 293A: Solar Cells, Fuel Cells, and Batteries: Materials for the Energy Solution [A]
  • MATSCI 302: Solar Cells [A]
  • MATSCI 316: Nanoscale Science, Engineering and Technology [S]
  • ME 260: Fuel Cell Science and Technology [S]

Recommended Courses:

  • MATSCI 152: Electronic Materials Engineering [S]
  • MATSCI 164: Electronic and Photonic Materials and Devices Lab [A] (for WIM requirement)



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