The Photonics specialty provides the opportunity for students to learn about the emission, transmission, amplification, detection, modulation and switching of optical and infrared light.  Students can apply this knowledge to optoelectronic devices such as lasers, photodetectors, waveguides and photonic crystals, or to quantum information science, with applications in quantum communication and quantum computing.


Pre-approved classes (choose at least 3):

  • EE 216: Principles and Models of Semiconductor Devices [A, W, Sum]
  • EE 231: Introduction to Lasers [S]
  • EE232: Laser Dynamics
  • EE 234: Photonics + Fiber Optics Laboratory [W]
  • EE 243: Semiconductor Optoelectronic Devices [W]
  • EE 268: Introduction to Modern Optics [A]
  • MATSCI 199: Electronic and Optical Properties of Solids [S]
  • PHYSICS 107 (recommended as WIM course): Lasers, Gaussian Optics, Atom-Light Interaction [W]
  • MATSCI 346: Nanophotonics [W] (not on the official list, but would probably count)

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