Computational Science

The Computational Science specialty prepares students to apply modern computational techniques to problems in engineering and applied science, and to the analysis of data. Students have the opportunity to study computational theory and algorithms, as well as applications in modeling and data analysis.


Pre-approved classes:

CS 103: Mathematical Foundations of Computing [A,W,S]

CS 221: Artificial Intelligence: Principles and Techniques [A]

CS 154: Introduction to Automata and Complexity Theory [W]

CS 161: Design and Analysis of Algorithms [A,S]

CS 205A: Mathematical Methods for Robotics, Vision, and Graphics [A]

CS 228: Probabilistic Graphical Models: Principles and Techniques [W]

CS 229 or 229A: Machine Learning [A,W]

CME 212: Advanced Programming for Scientists and Engineers [W]

CME 215A or 215B: Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics [W]

STATS 202: Data Mining and Analysis [A,S]

STATS 213: Introduction to Graphical Models [W]

Or any CME course with a number higher than 300 and less than 390


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